introducing my course - big, bold confidence


An online course to help you do the work to grow your confidence, take action, and live the life you’ve imagined.

People are always asking me about confidence. . . how to get it, ways to grow it, why I have so much of it. This comes up in all types of contexts. Related to clothing and style, related to my business, to my body, to the boundaries I draw, to the decisions I make. . .it’s always coming up.

I’m working on leading the biggest, boldest life I can imagine. I’d love to help you do the same.

The more I engage in work around confidence, the more I believe that lack of confidence is holding us back from more than we even know. Luckily, I’ve also learned that confidence is something that we can cultivate and grow.

So, let’s do it! Let’s develop some big, bold confidence together!

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My Big, Bold Confidence Course covers topics like:

  • Getting a handle on self-talk.

  • Eliminating comparison.

  • Curating your media consumption to serve you.

  • Acknowledging action as a confidence builder.

  • Getting out of your comfort zone.

  • Standing up for yourself.

  • Dealing with those who try to bring you down.

  • Dreaming big & setting goals to get there.

Relfection, Conversation, and Action

Big, Bold Confidence is a course created explicitly for folks who are curvy/fat/plus-size.

As I’ve researched and read about developing confidence, I just can’t shake how often diet and weight loss talk is present in “self development” literature. Or, how much of the info out there about developing confidence spends very little time unpacking body image, beauty standards, and body size.

This is hard for everyone but it’s especially difficult for curvy/fat/plus-size folks when content developed to help us doesn’t even seem to recognize what we’re going through! The truth is, it can be more challenging for those of us living in larger bodies (and experiencing the accompanying prejudice and/or stigma that comes with it) to develop a positive sense of self - let alone big, bold confidence.

While all people can struggle with developing and maintaining confidence, I recognize that it comes with unique challenges for those of us who are curvy/fat/plus-size. That’s why this course is just for us.

Here’s what past participants are saying:

I really loved being challenged with ideas, information and possibilities and then digging a little deeper using the “homework” each week to connect the topics with my personal life. I definitely feel more powerful, purposeful and confident!!
The Big, Bold Confidence course was a super fun and boundary stretching experience for me. The Live content was engaging and the weekly reflection prompts were stimulating. Cat is a naturally compelling and enthusiastic person, her passion is motivating! She provides outstanding content as well as resources that you can choose to explore at your own pace or interest level.
— Lisa
This series allows you to check in with your discomfort and ask ‘why’ in an unpretentious and safe way.
This has been so refreshing and reassuring at this stage of my life.
— Genna
cat polivoda
join me for big, bold confidence

New to me & my work?

I’m Cat and leading this course is just one of the fab things I do related to body positivity, fat liberation and living a big, bold life. Most notably, I own a plus-size resale shop - Cake Plus-Size Resale & I co-host a podcast - Matter of Fat.

I spend a lot of time talking with people about feeling comfortable and confident in their bodies. Sometimes this centers on clothing and style. Often, there’s much more to the story.

Not only does my current profession have lots to do with confidence, I have a strong career and educational background in teaching and training. Namely, I have a master’s degree in Training & Development (with a focus on global eLearning) and 8+ years of professional experience teaching, presenting, and facilitating.

Plus, developing this course is a natural progression of lots of things I’ve brought to my communities around the new year. (There’s just so much extra toxic stuff to combat this time of year! Bleck!) Two years ago, I created a Weight Loss Resolution Resistance series. Last year, I hosted body positive goal setting workshops at my shop (and, was featured in a Star Tribune article about choosing not to focus on losing weight in the new year).

There are three ways to join my Big, Bold Confidence Course:

Take advantage of Big, Bold Confidence as a self-guided course if you want dive into the content at your own pace without the structure or community of the cohort model.

Participants will receive all course materials and can work through at their own pace. Materials include: Lessons in written form (pdf), audio content (mp3s) on each topic, worksheets, reflection prompts and suggested actions for homework.

If purchasing before January 20th, course documents will be emailed to you on January 20th. If purchased after the 20th, course documents will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your purchase.

Participate in Big, Bold Confidence as a cohort with a community group. You’ll receive material each week via email. (Materials include: written and audio content on each topic, worksheets with reflection prompts and suggested actions for homework.)

Then, in the cohort Facebook group you’ll have the opportunity for further reflection and exploration into each week’s topics. You’ll benefit from feedback from me and the group. Plus, each Wednesday, I’ll pop on for a 60 minute Facebook Live to go even deeper into topics and answer questions from the cohort.

To participate, you must have a Facebook account. To get the most from the cohort course experience, you should plan to spend 2-3 hours/week taking in content, reflecting, and engaging in the group.

The upcoming session will run Wednesday, January 16th to Wednesday, February 13th. You can join this session through Sunday, January 20th!

Engage fully with Big, Bold Confidence with the cohort course, online community, and individualized 1-on-1 session. This level includes everything from the Cohort Course + Community plus a 60 minute phone call or in-person meet up with me to more deeply explore themes that come up for you during this course.

Not only will you receive content weekly, have the opportunity to participate in regular reflection and exploration in the Facebook group, and tune in for my weekly Facebook Lives, you get some dedicated time 1-on-1 with me. When we schedule our call or meeting, you’ll get to choose options for what we should focus on together.

A Facebook account is required for the group component. The upcoming session will run Wednesday, January 16th to Wednesday, February 13th. 1-on-1 calls/meetings will take place in the second 2 weeks of the course. (You can join this session through Sunday, January 20th!)