BODY POSITIVE NEW YEAR: Resisting Toxic Diet & Weight-loss Resolutions

I love the start of a new year! I take it as an opportunity to reflect on the past year and think about goals, dreams, and plans for the year to come. Unfortunately, “health & fitness” (read: “diet & weight loss”) talk, “info”, and resolutions are almost everywhere. Even the most secure and confident among us can have trouble getting through this time of year unfazed.


I surround myself with a lot of body positive media (particularly social media). There have been so many great articles shared over the last few days about just this topic. Take a look at these voices and perspectives if you could use a little help resisting toxic diet and weight-loss resolution talk.  Let’s replace that mess with a more self-love!

I recommend these 8 videos & articles:

  1. Melissa Harris-Perry is a goddess. Her critique on social and political issues is always on point. This open letter to Oprah (shared in video form from MHP's TV show) is no exception. Long story short, Oprah has a new Weight Watchers commercial out in which she essentially claims that there is a thin person inside of all of us fat folks. Um, no. MHP’s response is *everything*.
  2. And, this additional response to Oprah’s commercial from Bethany at Power, Peace and the Poarch Gym is also great!
  3. Huffington Post knocked it out of the park with this article on "Resolutions to Boost your Body Image."
  4. Though I am not familiar with this mom blog, I really love the "New Year, New You! And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves" article from Peachie Moms.  It even includes a pdf sharing 20 self-care ideas.
  5. Love Virgie Tovar’s tips for dealing with the New Year’s diet & weight loss obsession.
  6. One of my favorite articles circulating is from Mashable sharing “What 8 body positive activists want you to know about losing weight in the new year”.  
  7. I started my blog this time last year and kicked it off with a short “Starting 2015 with Intention” series. It’s totally applicable to any year (not just 2015) and shows where I came from. (Even though it was just a year ago, I feel like I’ve already grown in terms of blogging but especially video – thanks Periscope! The videos are a little funny but the content is good. I promise!)
  8. Finally, I have a Body Positive Email Course that I would love for you to take part in – “5 Steps to a More Body Positive You”! It’s super simple and free! You just pop in your email and receive an email a day for 5 days. Each one includes a tip for loving yourself and enhancing your body positivity. Plus, each lesson includes an accompanying worksheet.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! And, while you’re clicking on links, take a look at these 77 babes in fab outfits from 2015 (including yours truly at number 55)! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, seeing more images of women who’s bodies look like mine and/or aren’t the traditional standard of beauty has been really helpful for me in learning to love myself and be bolder in how I dress, think, and feel.