DENIM: Simple Summer Looks

Denim and chambray make up lots of my casual summer looks. Here are details on three ways I put together summer looks with denim. . . 


Chambray Over Denim

When pairing chambray or denim on top of each other, I like to wear two decidedly different hues.

This lighter top pairs nicely with my jean shorts as they are not the same color and not just slightly different, but totally different shades of blue. And, the unique stitching detail on the top is darker and ties into the color of my shorts without being too matchy-matchy! 

Info about my shorts to the right - - - >. 

Add some accessories that are not blue to create a complete look.  I've paired this with one of my Candid & Co totes. *Unabashed product placement.* I'm not usually one to tie a scarf on bags, but I love how this one brings my outfit together. 


Oversized Top & Bermuda Shorts

I love flowy, oversized shirts for summer! (Or, honestly, for all seasons.) I usually wear a 2XL but often will size up for roomy t-shirts like this one (which is a 4XL). 

I'm wearing one of my favorite pair of jean shorts from H&M. (Mine are a few years old but these look to be very similar! P.S. I always size up with H&M bottoms!) These are a little longer - almost bremuda length - which is the only length comfortable for me to wear out  and about (to prevent chafing discomfort). But, they have some stretch and are snug so they pair perfectly with this larger top. 

Wedge sandals are a simple way to accessorize and dress up or funk up a simple outfit like this! I find a lot of good wedge or healed sandals from Lane Bryant. These look to be almost sold out but, as I'm peaking at their website, this pair also seems great! 


Denim Vests Over Everything!

I adore a good denim vest! In the summer, they're cool enough to throw on over tank tops or strapless dresses without being too warm. 

I prefer vests and jackets that have a cropped look and hit me at my waist. I often wear them open but also button the bottomif I want to bring a look in at my waist. 

The vest in this photo is available here and I'll be posting a similar vests soon.  My favorite denim vest is American Rag from Macy's. (I don't love these vests, but here's an idea of what's available currently.) 

Ooo, and that tote! *Shameless product placement.* For real though, the large sizes make great beach bags and the medium sized bags are perfect for gal-on-the-go life! 

Most of these items are currently available in my shop! Currently, the detailed chambray top, black t-shirt, & black skirt haven't been snatched up yet. (Though this denim vest is gone, more are coming soon!) Plus, for the summer, you can purchase select Candid & Co bag designs straight from my shop! 

What are some of your favorite ways to wear denim in the summer! Let me know in the comments below. . .