PLUS SIZE COSTUMES: DIY Flapper Girl Costumes

Flapper costumes are cute and classy! Plus, they're relatively easy to put together with items already in your closet. . . and, a few small and inexpensive additions. Not to mention, so many fabulous make-up and hair possibilities!

Here you'll find two different flapper costumes that are easy to recreate. Below, I list each item you can find or create to put together a costume like this! I'm all about thrifted, crafted costumes! As plus-size ladies, sometimes it's hard to find cute AND affordable costumes.  Well, its time to get all DIY with these so we can have both!


  • Dress: Start with a simple shift dress or skirt and top. Look for garments with low waists that are solid, bold colors.
  • Gloves: Find these for less than $5 at almost any store or thrift shop. I suggest black or white.
  • Pearls: Find a long string of beads and knot it if you can. (I am wearing left over Mardi Gras beads!)
  • Headband: You can glue some feathers to a headband you already have or get some of that stretchy sequin elastic at a fabric store and make your own. 
  • Tights: Wear black tights - a design or stripes is a fun detail.
  • Shoes: Something black! Flats are usually great for these looks.
  • Extras: A coordinating clutch, a fake cigarette on a cigarette holder, or fringe on the dress!
  • Hair & Make-Up Ideas: Red lips, dramatic eyeliner, finger waves, faux short hair/headband hair styles, or a wig! (In the second pictures, I am wearing a $3 wig I found in Target's $1/$3/$5 bins. By itself, it looked messy and hilarious but the headband toned it down a bit and I think it totally works!)

For more costume ideas, checkout my looks from last year. . .