Last year I went all out for Halloween & costume season. I created and sold crafted, thrifted, plus-size costumes in my shop! 

As any plus-size ladies reading this know, it can be a real challenge to find cute & affordable costumes that go up to our sizes. So, I created my own!

Although I'll be selling a few costumes and costumes items at the two pop up shops I'll be doing in Minnestota in the upcoming weeks (details here & here), I won't be selling them in my shop this year.

I will, however, be doing more blog posts and tutorials about how you can create looks just like these! First up. . .simple do-it-yourself witch costumes! 


Throw on any kind of little black dress! (Belt it or add accessories as you see fit.)
Pair with black boots or booties! 
Add some black gloves. (I found these thrifted but you can also find them for $5 or less at most discount stores.)
Top it off with  a cape or hat. (I created this simple cape & hood with 20 minutes, my sewing machine, and a black bedsheet. You could also easily do a no-sew cape by simply cutting it and tying it around your neck. )


Find a long or flowy black dress or top & skirt. 
Get some green facepaint!
Cut holes in black gloves to make them look tattered! 
Fashion a cape out of some kind of black fabric or garment you have laying around. 
Add a witches hat (and, a broom to take it to the next level)!



I know this witch costume is a little quirky, but when I found the bodice/dress and wig I knew I could create something funky! You can basically add witch or zombie to anything to create a fun costume - zombie bride, witchy librarian, zombie super hero, etc. So, this is an 80's witch! 

For this specific look: 
Get a bright wig and a dark colored 80's style dress or skirt. 
Find or construct a little witch hat you can pin to the top of the wig! 
Put on some lace gloves. 
Wear some ankle socks.
Add beads (mine are all left over Mardi Gras beads) and other 80's accessories! 



These are all the fun costumes I put together last year! Check out my album for a recap of all my fab costumes if you just can't wait for more tutorials! 

I cannot wait to see what creative costumes folks come up with this year! Also, remember that cultures aren't costumes! (This might also relate to witch costumes, but I think that the feeling are quite different based on my reading.) More costume tutorials to come!