DIY DECOR: Crafting Large Wall Art


I am staying in my summer space through at least the end of the year, so it's about time I start settling in! My room isn't totally put together just yet, but I have completed a major project - creating some large wall art for my biggest, blank wall. 

As a gal on budget,  I knew what I wanted but had to find a way to do it inexpensively. Plus, I love an excuse to paint and be crafty. (I'm looking to infuse more of that into my life!)

I completed this project for around $40 and m very excited about the results! Let me share the details! 



  • 3 large canvases: These are 24 X 36 (I think?)! I found two at thrift shops and bought one new. (I could have saved money if I spent more time looking at thrift shops! I probably could have found them all for around $4 each!) The new one was $16 on sale at Michael's and the others were $4 and $10 at the thrift shop. (One is slightly thicker than the other two, but it's not really noticeable.) Total cost: $30
  • Paint: I got got black, white, & gold craft paint. (The gold was too yellow - so I ended up mixing some black into it. Also, I didn't get enough gold but thankfully had some laying around from a previous project. Total cost: $9
  • Brushes: I did all of this with one pack of those foam brushes. Total cost $1



I found some images on Pinterest that reflected the type of patterns I as looking to create. But, my main inspiration was one of my favorite bags! In the end, my attempts at other looks failed, so they each ended up being the same design but with colors playing different roles in each. When I started painting, I didn't know that would be my end result. 




  • I started by painted the two used canvases white. I did two coats each and let them dry. I am not fancy with this. I literally squirted the white on to the canvas and spread it out with the brush. 
  • Then, I started with the new canvas - I created a design inspired by the bag pattern (described & pictured above). 
  • I tried  to do some other fancy stuff on the two other canvases - but it looked terrible so I decided to make one all gold and the other all black (mainly to cover up my failed attempt at different designs). Then, I created the same pattern on them but used the colors for different elements. 
  • Voila! This is what I created! 

I'll show more when I actually get around to completely decorating my room and creating a put-together look! Till then, this is adding a little character to my space and I'm loving it!