FALL FASHIONS: 4 Ways to Look Put Together This Fall

Fall looks are probably my favorite! Boots, tights, scarves, hats, jackets! Not only do fall fashions incorporate some of my favorite clothing and accessory items, I find that it’s really quite easy to create a put together fall look in no time at all.

When I say “put together” I mean that effortless cohesion in an outfit. That look that’s not trying too hard or overly matchy-matchy, but just works. Simple & chic. Today, I’m sharing four easy ways to create great fall outfits!



Coordinate your boots with a belt, statement necklace, or bag!

Find a great pair of boots (or two) and a few key accessories that coordinate with them. I have some belts that are the same cognac color as my favorite boots. When I pair them together in an outfit it just effortlessly ties together.  I suggest picking one or two accessories to pair with your boots– there’s no need for you to be matching head-to-toe!

(The boots in the photo above are my absolute favorite but, alas, Target is not making them in my size this season. Perhaps they're in your size. You can find details in one of my previous fall fashion blog posts.)

Throw on a blazer or jacket.

A blazer is the easiest way to class up a look in no time at all. Blazers can be thrown on over lots of outfits and can provide warmth or another layer if you’re chilly.  One of my go-to fall looks is leggings or skinny jeans, boots, a t-shirt, and a blazer. My favorite type of blazer are those made of material with some stretch in it.  I also like a crop blazer or jacket over skirts or dresses that come in at my waist (instead of a longer blazer that eats up my shape).

Add a scarf or a hat to your look.

Fall is a perfect opportunity to wear scarves and hats. Think about the colors of your scarf or hat and try to coordinate them with some other part of your outfit – including each other if you’re wearing both! (Ooo, a scarf could also coordinate with your boots to bring an outfit together!) Check out some tutorials on different ways to tie a scarf online. And, if you're wearing a hat, consider showing a pop of hair around your face or in a pony tail for a more put together look.

Wear black tights. . .with almost anything!

Tights! Tights! Tights! Black tights are an instant way to make an outfit look put together and appropriate for fall.  Especially under shorter skirts or dresses - black tights (or, tights in other colors) work really well. I love wearing black tights with shoes that aren’t black. It adds a great pop of color. Also, when I’m wearing boots and want a little extra warmth, sometimes I’ll wear actual leggings instead of tights as it achieves a similar look.

Fall is the time I pull out those dresses and skirts that are too short to wear comfortably with shorts or spanx underneath. Thick black tights provide enough “protection” and are also thick enough (Y’all know me – I wear spanx shorts under everything!) Everyone probably has their favorite tights. Mine are currently ASSETS brand – which I believe is a sub-brand of Spanx. I wear a size 4 or 5. They both fit fine but 5 are roomier. (I don’t really wear shapewear to be “sucked in”, but rather a little support or protection – so I love to wear larger, roomier sizes.) I wear a size 4 when I’m wearing a shorter skirt and don’t want the “shorts” to show.

What are some styles you're wearing to look put together this fall?