GAL ON THE GO WORKOUTS: Catching Up & Working Out While Traveling

I was home in Minnesota for two and a half glorious weeks in September & October! What an amazing trip. Literally, every day I was catching up with people I love! Most of it was over brunch or drinks, so I really appreciated time to be active and get in workouts while spending quality time with my besties! Here are some ways I remained active while still being a social gal on the go!


The weather happened to be beautiful and unseasonably warm when I was home. One of my high school bff's, Krissy, and I went for a hike with her two cute dogs. She was familiar with the trails and we went through both fields and wooded areas. Then, we stopped at the top of Granddad Bluff in La Crosse, WI to take in the view.

krissy hike.jpg



Y'all know I LOVE giant trampolines! We grew up with a trampoline in our backyard and I suppose that's why I am so natural on them. Plus, I am flexible and love getting in some toe touches (something I could never do by simply jumping off the ground).

While I was in Minnesota, my friend, Margot, went through a bone marrow donation process. Margot is on the national bone marrow registry and, four years after signing up, was asked to donate. Talk about #WomenSupportingWomen and, essentially, being a selfless angel, Margot donated bone marrow to a woman she might never meet. Because of the donation process, she needed injections to draw out her bone marrow into her blood stream and was sick with side effects for 5 days leading up to the donation procedure.

Because she knew she'd be in bed for almost a week, she suggested we do something active before hand to get the wiggles out! ;) She loves these trampoline places as much as I do, so we spent the afternoon jumping!

We went to a kind of amusement place that had a pretty small trampoline area (not like the other trampoline parks I am used to), but it was literally just the two of us on them the whole time we were there. (They also made us wear grippy socks - which I was not used to nor a fan of.)



Zumba is also one of my favorite fitness activities. When I am home, I love joining friends at their gyms for zumba or asking for suggestions on where to find a great class. Last time I was home my friend Karyn and I got a class in at the local YWCA ( shoutout to Tania!)! And, this time, my friend Maryse got me in to a really great zumba class at her fitness center! No pictures of this one - I was too busy gettin' it! ;)


I love love loved my trip home. Infusing some active social activities helped keep me feeling good while I was there. (Also, I am convinced that drinking an EmergenC a day helped, too!)