Anusha Goud is part of my circle through our connections at Texas A&M University-Commerce (TAMUC).  Anusha was an undergraduate student at TAMUC while I was working there and earning my master’s degree. She was always one of my favorite people in Commerce and, throughout my two years there, I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with her.  Anusha was a dependable student worker, a strong leader on campus, and THE best person to get caught up in conversation with!

 Anusha is dependable, strategic, socially conscious, capable, supportive, and savvy.

Anusha is 23 and lives in San Antonio, Texas. She works as a Patient Advocate for a growing healthcare group while furthering her education. She was born and raised in the United States by philanthropic, Indian parents who do charity work around the world while running their own medical business. She also has an older brother named Adarsh who is finishing up his residency to become a doctor of medicine.

Medicine was sort of Anusha’s “intended path”. She went to Health Careers High School in San Antonio, Texas under the assumption that she would become a doctor and what she describes as following the dreams of her parents and adhering to societal norms for an Asian American in the US.

Although initially attending TAMUC on a pre-med track, Anusha got very involved with various student organizations and decided to add a second major of Sociology. (Sociology majors are ALWAYS my fav, y’all!) Unlike many folks in rural North East Texas, Anusha had a lot of strong feelings about social issues that aligned with my own. And, I love Anusha’s energy! We had some of the BEST talks in the Family & West Halls Office! I miss those days!

 I didn’t really have traditional friends in Commerce. I was in an odd situation living so far from an actual city, attending a mostly online graduate program, working 50+ hour weeks, and not being able to cultivate normal friendships with those around me because almost everyone I was close with either worked with me, worked for me, or lived in my buildings. So, out of this strange space came some wonderful supervisor/friend hybrid relationships with a few special students in my life. Anusha was one of those students!

Anusha was a Front Desk Assistant and, then, manager in my various buildings while I worked as a Graduate Hall Director. Not every student you supervise simply “gets it” – “gets” professionalism, “gets” how to complete a task fully, “gets” how to properly answer a phone and take a message. I know this stuff sounds silly, but because Anusha “got it” from day one, I was able to spend lots of time in friendly conversation because she was so well-prepared and efficient. I also got to get to know Anusha through her leadership in campus organizations – some with which I worked closely.

Although we don’t stay in close touch, Anusha and I stay connected through social media. She is so supportive of my aspirations and hustles. I truly appreciate her! And, I look forward to staying in contact so I can see the amazing things she will do.

Anusha graduated in 2013 and is now focusing on obtaining her Masters in Organizational Development/Leadership with a medical business emphasis. With this course of study, she is creatively combining “the best of two worlds” to please both her parents and herself!

Oh, and this bio would not be complete without mentioning that Anusha loves basketball! I am not a big sports fan but I love this girl’s passion for her San Antonio Spurs! She also has a thirst for knowledge and passion for social issues and international affairs.

Anusha says that her life has always been the best of two worlds; i.e. blending the western lifestyle of the United States along with the traditional, ancient customs of India. She says, “I can’t fathom my life in any other way but it definitely is a unique mix that I’m continuously learning more about as I continue on this path of life”.

Anusha is inspired by people creating positive change and independent women. Read more about what and who inspires Anusha and some great advice to her younger self below.  

 What Inspires You?

“I enjoy reading or hearing about individuals or events around the world where people are standing up for themselves or causing positive changes to society and ultimately just getting a different perspective on various topics and how people live their lives in general.”

Who are women in your life or throughout history who inspire you?

“My mom is the woman I look up to the most. She didn’t have a traditional higher education and grew up in a small village in India but she has the biggest heart in the world and treats every individual with equal respect and kindness.”

“Any independent woman who is working hard and doing what they need to do to be happy and live their lives to the fullest. From Hillary Clinton for shining light on various issues effecting women in the developing world, Indira Gandhi the longest serving female prime minister of India who immensely changed the way women were treated in India, random women that are featured on blogs like Humans of New York that are positively living their lives to their heart’s content and even you, Cat, for your strong hustle in accomplishing your goals and realistic outlook and perspective on the world around us!” [Thanks, Anusha!]

If you had one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be and why?

“Create and follow your own dreams and stop trying to please your parents and societal/cultural norms of an Indian American female. Life is short and if you aren't living every day happily and striving to accomplish your own goals then you aren't living up to your potential and what you in your heart know to be true. Don’t worry what others think and do you!”


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