INSPIRING WOMEN: Jennifer Buckingham

Jennifer Buckingham is new to my circle. I have been following her on social media for some time and recently got to know her in person.  I’m fortunate to have this beautiful, body positive woman in my circle!

Jennifer is vibrant, bold, supportive and body-positive.

Jennifer is an actress, body positive personal style blogger, and plus size model.  She believes that great style knows no size and started her blog in hopes of inspiring a radical new way of looking at the role models in our lives. And, to spread the message that everyone is beautiful and enough – just the way they are.

Jennifer is on an ever progressive journey to love and accept her body. Her goal is to inspire other women to bravely embrace their bodies and if they so choose, to have amazing clothing options in the process. 

I’ve been following Jennifer on social media for some time. On a trip to Los Angeles last year, I was able to connect with her in person because of our mutual friend, Rachel Summers. (Rachel will be featured in an upcoming post!) Jennifer and I met for lunch and it was as if we had known each other for years. We immediately connected.

We have a lot in common and share many passions including plus-size fashion, body positivity, self-love, and women’s empowerment. Jennifer also ascribes to the “women supporting women” philosophy that’s so important to me! She says “it is vital that we raise each other up and if we stand by one another there is enough success for all of us”. Yes! I could not agree more!

Jennifer has great style and an excellent eye. Her photos on Model Radical professional, artistic, and fun. Her looks are fab and her Instagram game is so strong! (@Model.Radical) Love this girl’s fashion!

As I grow my Cat Inspired brand, I am appreciative of women who are willing to add me to their networks and circles! I am so fortunate to be connected with Jennifer – both in terms of our fashion and self-acceptance endeavors but also as a like-minded, positive and supportive woman in my circle! I look forward to staying connected to Jennifer so we can support each other in our respective projects and goals.

Read about what and who inspire Jennifer, as well as advice to her younger self, below. . . 

What inspires you? And, what do you care about deeply?

“I am constantly inspired by a variety of different outlets.  Professionally I am very inspired by my acting studio Anthony Meindl Actor's Workshop which not only is incredible for practicing my craft but as well as life growth and work.  I feel compelled and inspired by seeing people live in a genuine open way and operating through love.”  

“What do you care deeply about?  I care deeply about all the people who love and support me. It keeps me motivated, humbled, and grateful to know that my message is embraced.  I also care deeply about spreading positivity and equality in our world.  We need more kindness and compassion. I greatly admire people who put that in the forefront of their lives.”

Who are the women in your life and throughout history who inspire you? 

“Directly in my life my Great- Grandmother and Grandmother are both huge inspirations to me.  My Great- Grandmother was the first prima ballerina to dance Swan Lake in the US so I greatly admire her drive and artistic endeavors. My Grandmother is the most caring woman I know and whatever differences we have I will always appreciate her willingness to be there for me.”

If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be and why?           

“Wow, it is truly crazy to think back to that time [10+ years ago]. At 15 I really was going through a lot of complex issues including a parent being extremely sick to bullying and self-harm.  I would tell myself that I am beautiful, enough, worthy, and strong.  That self-love and care is the basis of everything healthy and that there is nothing wrong with you.” 


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