INSPIRING WOMEN: Latasha Kinnard

Latasha Kinnard is my financial coach. She’s a recent addition to my circle and has provided a great deal of education and support to me – especially with my finances and growing small business. Tasha is a really special person and I am happy to have her in my circle. She is driven, smart, positive, realistic, and committed to empowering others. 

Tasha is the CEO and Financial Freedom Fighter at Start Young Financial Group and the Amazon best-selling author of 20-Something & Rich. She currently works as a financial coach and revenue strategist to Millennials and women entrepreneurs.

I initially connected with Tasha over social media. (She and I have a mutual friend – my sister!) I was drawn to her financial insight and advice as well as her commitment to social justice and racial justice. In getting to know her and her business more, it is clear that she is deeply invested in dissolving wealth disparities through education and empowerment. Her programs at Start Young Financial are very “meet you where you’re at” in their nature. She is so smart but able to explain sometimes complex issues in an easy-to-understand and interesting way. (This is a gift!)

 I am making significant strides toward achieving my financial goals since I’ve been working with Tasha. It really is helpful to work with a coach. It’s odd – I am a success coach for students in my current full-time job and am planning to start providing life coaching soon, myself, but I sometimes forget the huge impact a coach can have. Because of her support I am more focused, positive, and optimistic. Plus, I am working harder to pay off debt and grow my savings than I ever have before.

 I’ve been recommending her to lots of folks who are looking for support in achieving their financial goals. (Related – if you’re reading this and that is something you’re looking for, seriously get in touch with Tasha!)

 Tasha has also been very helpful as I pursue my entrepreneurial passions and plans. She’s both realistic and optimistic! As I begin to make some more major moves in this area, she is definitely someone I want in my corner. Before I even launched my blog, Tasha featured me on her Start Young Financial blog. (You can read the piece about looking fab on a budget here.)

 In addition to being a great financial coach and amazing resource, Tasha is clearly committed to improving her community and the lives of others. One way I have seen this is through her engagement with others around race-related injustices. She has a strong voice and doesn’t hold back as she asks questions, challenges others, and engages in conversation. 

 I am so fortunate to have Tasha in my circle. I admire her in many ways and look forward continuing my work with her as my financial health and wealth continue to grow. Read about what and who inspires Tasha, as well as her advice, below. . .

What inspired you? And, what do you care about deeply?

“This question was much harder for me to answer than I imagined it would be. But I suppose that I am inspired by pain and suffering. I hate to see people struggle and it inspires me to find ways to alleviate wealth disparities.”

 “Honestly, the thing I care most deeply about is family. I enjoy working on my business, I love helping people achieve financial freedom, but it is family that I care most deeply about.”


Who are women in your life or throughout history that inspire you? 

“I don’t know what women inspire me the most but I know that my mother has influenced me tremendously. When I was younger she would tell me that I should never wait on a man to do anything and that whatever needed to be done, I could do for myself. And while her words were powerful, it was her actions that made a huge impact on me. While I don’t mind accepting chivalry from men, I can thank my mom for empowering me to believe that I can do anything.”


If you had one piece of advice to your younger self what would it be and why? 

“I would tell my former self that the sun always comes out tomorrow. Things might get bad, times get dark, and sometimes you will feel burdened and alone but the sun always comes out eventually.”


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