As I start off the month of March, the first woman I want to celebrate is one of the original women in my circle – my sister, Lilly. She’s my sister so, obviously she’s amazing! And, as she likes to say, is a legend!

When Lilly was in elementary school she told our mom that when she grew up she wanted to be a legend. Even then she knew she would make a mark on the world. At the time she says she was probably thinking more along the lines of the first woman to play in the NFL - clearly that didn't work out ;). Although her path is perhaps different than what she initially envisioned, she is appreciating the journey rather than the destination. Lilly is smart, stylish, driven, strong, funny, and the best little sister!

I have loved growing up with a sister. I literally can’t imagine life without her. Our sisterhood grew to friendship as a direct result of our parent’s divorce. Long weekend’s at Dad’s meant lots of cable TV and sister bonding time. Honestly, most of my sisterly memories relate to giggle attacks and inside jokes. So. Many. Inside jokes. . . My senior year of high school, Lilly was a freshman and we shared my locker together in the senior hallway. It was fun having a little sister who was so cool and got along with all of my people.

I love how Lilly and I turned out having lots of similar ideas and beliefs about life. Somehow our conservative, religious, and loving parents concocted the perfect parenting blend to create incredibly open, socially conscious and critical ladies with true entrepreneurial spirits and “create your own opportunities” attitudes.

I love that my sister always has my back. I think we both subscribe to the typical sibling “I might complain about my sister sometimes but no one is allowed to utter any kind of disrespect toward her in my presence” – policy. And, although it’s been known to bug me sometimes, I love how Lilly simply gives no fucks about things she gives no fucks about. And, consequently, cares immensely and deeply about what she does care about. Related. . .don’t mess with and/or underestimate the Polivoda sisters.

Lilly is currently in Montana continuing her education to eventually earn a PhD in Neuroscience. I am happy about this for many reasons and only one is selfish – potential trips to Glacier National Park which is quite possibly the most beautiful place in the United States. I am proud that Lilly is pursuing her passions and dreams in an environment that is perfect for her. I have no doubt she will create opportunities and achieve wild success as she lives her passions.

What inspires Lilly?

Lilly is inspired by people following their dreams!

"People following their goals, passions and dreams regardless of what anyone else has to say about it. 
I care deeply about following your intuition and not going against what you feel is right for yourself.

What advice would you give your younger self?

"I honestly wouldn't give myself any advice. I'd be too stubborn to take it. Even if 35 year old Lilly came to me and gave me advice I would still need to learn through experience."

Lilly’s final advice is simply golden. Read this and then reread it! I couldn’t agree more:

Go do what you love to do. The thing that you can’t shut up about and you word-vomit all over people about. If you don’t know what that thing is, try new things. Stop worrying, worrying is pointless. When you’re out in the world not holding back and doing what you’re supposed to be doing everything will magically fall into place. It might not work out exactly the way you had envisioned but it WILL work out. The fun part about life is that it happens for you and not to you, YOU CREATE YOUR LIFE.
— Lilly Polivoda

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This March, I am celebrating all the amazing women around me! It’s only fitting that my beautiful sister starts off the celebration! As the month goes on, you can see all my Inspiring Women posts here!