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Margot Howard is a close friend in my circle from our time at Hamline University. We’ve shared so many experiences – moments filled with excitement, annoyance, hilarity, growth, joy, dismay – and everything in between. Margot is dedicated, thoughtful, fun, reflective, and social justice focused.

In college, Margot and I were involved in lots of campus organizations and initiatives that made our hearts sing. Especially working in higher education, as simple as an orientation leader position might seem to those looking in, I see the incredible merit of this type of involvement as a starting point and training ground for us to make positive change and become our truest selves. Margot was very invested, like I was, in these involvements and everything that came with it.  From dorky to deep, we loved it all!

Although not in all of the same organization, we were both wildly involved across campus. The two biggest involvements we had in common were our roles as Orientation Leaders and as dedicated attendees of the annual Women’s Leadership Retreats. Oh, plus, we both worked at the Student Center Front desk. We share a love for thought provoking journal prompts, inspiring India.Arie lyrics, and “Touch Someone Who” (which, I’ve learned, in other places is called “the tap game” or “tap affirmation” and does not have the same “rules” – like a limited number of taps per tapper?? what?)

Margot is a young professional focused on social justice work in higher education. She is passionate about promoting equity and social change. She is currently is in her fourth year at our alma mater as the Social Justice Initiatives Coordinator in the Wesley Center for Spirituality, Service, and Social Justice.

Margot is a valued member of my circle in many ways but especially for her dedication to social justice. She is someone who shares in deep critiques of our society and systems. I love having conversations with folks who just “get it” – and she is one of those people in my life. We also have some shared experiences and insights from both working in higher education. This summer, Margot attended The Social Justice Training Institute - which is on my bucket list. So, so amazing!

Margot is getting married in June to the wonderful Karyn Cave. I love that two of my closest friends have become partners. They are role models of a healthy and happy relationship – and I couldn’t be happier for them. I am so excited for their beautiful, joyous occasion this summer.

They recently bought a house in Minneapolis where Margot enjoys gardening, cooking, and being outdoors. Like I mentioned in Karyn’s piece, Margot and Karyn are always on my list when I’m home and are so welcoming and wonderful. I haven’t seen their new place yet and cannot wait to see it! I am sure it is homey and functional while being cute and funky! (After Karyn’s post they let me know that they got rid of their exceptionally comfy futon. . . but I am sure I will somehow still manage to feel cozy in their new home ;).)

I hope to always remain connected to Margot – to learn with and from her and see the moves she is making in her life and work for social change.

Read about what Margot cares about deeply, women in her life who inspire her, and her words of wisdom below. . .

What inspires you? And, what do you care about deeply?  

“I am inspired by young people, by people working to make social change in the world. I deeply care about food justice and making non-toxic/healthy foods affordable and reliable for all. I am passionate about being in community with others. I am passionate about working for equity and social justice.”

Who are women in your life or throughout history that inspire you?

“My partner, Karyn Cave, inspires me every day. I am extremely grateful to get to share my life with her. In our broader culture I admire women such as Laverne Cox, Mary Lambert, Kathy Obear, Rachel Maddow, and Melissa Harris-Perry.”

If you had one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be and why? 

“Embrace your curly hair. Love your body for how it is today. Learn to forgive. Not for others, but for yourself. You are beautiful, you are smart, you are powerful.”

This March, I am celebrating all the amazing women around me! Sharing women who have influenced me and make up my personal history. As the month goes on, you can see all my Inspiring Women posts here!