Pamela Walker is part of my circle through our work at the University of New Orleans. I value Pam as a colleague and friend. I also admire her exciting and important academic work.  Pam is thoughtful, caring, supportive, chic and a dedicated scholar.

Pam is a graduate student studying history and is the Graduate Assistant for the Privateer Bound Bridge Program. Privateer Bound is the best part of my job. It’s a bridge program that allows students who are not admitted to UNO the ability to take community college classes on UNO’s campus in order to fulfill their developmental needs and transfer requirements within on academic year.  (Privateers are UNO’s mascot – which might be helpful in understanding the program’s name!) I started helping with the program at the perfect time and, quickly, coordinating Privateer Bound became one of my main job functions. In our second academic year, Pam and I have been wonderfully busy supporting our 75 students through orientations, meetings, programs, study hours, and lots and lots of email reminders. 

Literally, from the moment I read her resume, I knew Pam was the perfect choice for our program! Pam is clearly committed to our students succeeding and has the necessary skill set and attitude to relate them. I value my working relationship with Pam because she shares in my passion for supporting and empowering students while encouraging them to advocate for themselves.

Pam is 26 and lives in New Orleans with her puppy - a long hair Dachshund named Yoshi! She lives to: love God, love all people, pursue knowledge, and expose the voices of the voiceless from the past and present through her work as a historian. She’s currently a graduate student at the University of New Orleans and will soon be moving on to a PhD program to advance her study and scholarship in history. 

Her passion for history is just beautiful. We need more passionate and conscious scholars like Pam in our universities, libraries, and academic spaces. I’ve read some of Pam’s work and adore her focus on civil rights, social justice, and women’s forms of activism.  I cannot wait to see her work as she advances to a PhD program and then to world domination ;).  

Pam also enjoys dark chocolate, eating well, hula hooping, sunlight, and pretty journals.  She has an effortlessly funky and chic style. And, a beautiful spirit.

Throughout our year and a half together, our working relationship has evolved into friendship. Beyond discussing our students’ struggles and successes, we’re often chatting about recipes, fashion, dreams and plans. She has also seen my small business grow and is always excited for my updates – which I appreciate so much! Pam is one of my favorite people to work with and I already know it will feel odd when she graduates and moves on from UNO.  I look forward to staying connected with her as her exciting future unfolds.

Read about what and who inspires Pam, her advice and lovely quotes below. . .

What inspires you? 

“(I can be a pretty sappy person so some of these things may seem a bit gooey.) I am inspired by witnessing unexpected acts of love and kindness.  I am inspired by young people and women discovering the beauty and strength in who they have been created to be.  I love it when people who work hard get what they deserve and then some! (if that makes sense!)” [Yes!!]

Who are women that inspire you? 

“Other than my mother who is the strongest, bravest, smartest woman I know and my sister who is the funniest person on the planet, I am often inspired by women throughout history who fought (and continue to fight) tirelessly for equality, justice, and education in their communities but have been forgotten or overlooked by time.  A few women that come to mind: Fannie Lou Hamer, Clarie Collins Harvey, Victoria Gray –awesome, activist women from Mississippi!”

“I am also inspired by phenomenal black women scholars who pursue truth, knowledge, and excellence and encourage me, though their work, to continue my journey as a budding historian! A few women that come to mind: Deborah Gray White, Tera Hunter, the late Stephanie Camp.”

If you had one piece of advice for your younger self, what would it be and why?

"Do all things with kindness! – it goes a long way!"


Pam also shared some quotes that she loves: 

She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans!
Strength and dignity are her clothing. And she smiles without fear of the future.
— Proverbs 31:25
If you are silent about your pain, they will kill you and say you enjoyed it.
— Zora Neal Hurston

 This March, I am celebrating all the amazing women around me! Sharing women who have influenced me and make up my personal history. As the month goes on, you can see all my Inspiring Women posts here!