PLUS SIZE COSTUMES: DIY Pirate Costume Ideas!

Pirate costumes might be my favorite!!  Maybe it's because I happen to have a lot of items I regularly wear that can easily be used for costumes like this. At any rate, it's a frequent go-to of mine. Here are some ideas for easily throwing a pirate costume together! (You might have more than half of these items in your closet already!) 


  • Flowy white tops (I like them off the shoulder)
  • Lots of reds, whites, and black. 
  • Tattered or ripped items 
  • dark pants or skirts 
  • knotted or gathers skirts
  • layers 
  • corsets! Create your own! (That red one was originally a dress that was too tight so I cut it in half, made some holes, and then cut up a t-shirt for the black lacing.) Or, make a small one larger. (The black corset is actually a size M but I got my own ribbon and added it in to make it fit my XXL body.) 


  • eye patch
  • sword
  • scarf tied at waist or around head/in hair
  • belts (big buckles) 
  • bangles
  • hoop earrings
  • ripped tights 
  • bare feet or boots 
  • Hair ideas: messy curls, side ponies, ponytails, or scarves in hair 
  • Make up idea: intense eyes!

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