RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: My Three Favorite Online Resources for Budding Entrepreneurs

I have been on my hustle working to cultivate my passion projects into sustaining entrepreneurial endeavors. At this point, I have relied almost exclusively on free content from some amazing movers and shakers. I have been learning so much and continue to do so each time I engage with these quality content providers.  

I am absorbing (almost) all of their content for free and I acknowledge that I should be providing more in return. I’m not at a point where I can do so monetarily, so I am sharing the love with them and y’all by highlighting their resources.

I am sharing them with you for two main reasons: 1) because I believe knowledge is power and 2) I want to encourage you to check out their helpful and informative content.

Currently, my three favorite online resources for budding entrepreneurs are: Marie Forleo, The $100 MBA, and ByRegina.

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is the essence of a “woman on a mission”! She is one of the first resources I found as I started cultivating my business and thinking about expanding my brand. She is positive and empowering from every piece of information she shares to her female-centered and socially conscious business practices.

Marie offers content to help others “create a business and life you love”. She shares videos on MarieTV that are full of helpful and relevant info for entrepreneurs. Marie’s content is on another level; it’s so put together and polished while still remaining fun!  Marie also runs an amazing program called B-School – an online business school for modern entrepreneurs.

Ooo, and I haven’t gotten through this yet, but Marie just shared this really helpful post about free info for entrepreneurs and startups!

$100 MBA

The $100 MBA is an online course and community as well as a podcast. Omar Zenhom and Nicole Baldinu run this informative enterprise.  I got hooked through the podcast which shares quick business lessons in a way that’s very easy to understand! Most podcasts are around 10 -15 minutes long – so they’re in really digestible segments. And, the sponsors they pub are also really helpful! For instance, Squarespace was the sponsor of several episodes and they offered a 10% discount for $100 MBA listeners! As you may realize, my blog is hosted through Squarespace which has enabled me to have a beautiful website – even with my low tech skills!

Recently, Nicole and Omar announced that they are releasing a webinar platform and a new podcast dedicated to webinars called Webinar Ninja. I could not be more excited! I would love to share webinars with y’all and am very interested in learning about their platform as a possible way to do so!

Finally, both Omar and Nicole have responded to my tweets or Facebook posts.  It’s cool to see entrepreneurs who are “practicing what they preach” in this way! And, it’s really helpful!


ByRegina is run by Regina Anaejionu. Through her blog, she provides a wealth of information about blogging and running a creative business. Her posts were really influential as I put together my blog. She shares high level information in a way that is conversational and easy to understand! I LOVE how she shares reports on how much revenue she has generated from her blog and related entrepreneurial endeavors. It’s so honest and really helps me see how I can get where I want to go.

Out of these three, Regina is the only one from whom I’ve purchased materials. I purchased her Epic Blog Planner – still working through to it and making plans. I also purchased her Small Business Manual & Workbook. I recommend both books –especially the Epic Blog Planner! Ooo, and Regina has also responded to me over Twitter and Instagram!

Grateful for These Opportunities

For any of you who are also working on your side hustles and entrepreneurial game, I highly recommend each of these resources! If you know of any other great content providers, please share in the comments below!