Body Positivity & Fat Liberation 101
Learn what body positivity is (and is not) with respect for it’s foundation in fat liberation.

Have you heard my recent program on KFAI Radio as part of their International Women's Day #PressForProgress programming? 
The following is suplimental information for that program. 

If you can only check out three resources,
read these: 

Body Positivity
& Fat Liberation

5 Ways to Embrace Body Positivity in Your Life

Fat Liberation Manifesto
The Fragility of Body Positivity: How a Radical Movement Lost Its Way - Evette Dionne, Bitch Media

  1. Recognize that weight & health are not one-in-the same.
    Health at Every Size & Body Respect - Dr. Linda Bacon 
    Find more from Ani Janzen here
    Lean more about Dr. Tracy Mann's work here
  2. Know that you are in charge of your body, not other people’s.
    When you harbor judgements about other people’s bodies, it negatively impacts you.
  3. Work to practice positive self talk in your life.
    7 Ways The Beauty Industry Convinced Women That They Weren’t Good Enough - Amanda Scherker
    7 Steps to Positive Self Talk - Evelyn Lim
  4. Surround yourself body positive media & messages.
    Check out my list of favorites below! And, me & my shop
  5. Advocate for equitable treatment of all people.

I co-created the Twin Cities Fat Community - a virtual & in-person community & activist space for rad fat folks in Minnesota. You can request to join here.