Do you have a vague idea of where you want to go personally or professionally but struggle with the specifics? 

Maybe you have a clear vision, but can't figure out how your day-to-day actions can align with your long-term goals? 

Or, perhaps you just need a format for getting all those ideas out of your head and into a plan!


GOAL DIGGER: A Guide to Approaching Your Future With Intention is a workbook for anyone who wants to work on connecting their long-term vision to shorter-term goals and everyday actions. Or, anyone who wants to think more deeply about their vision and plan to get there! 

This workbook, or GOAL DIGGER'S GUIDE, gets you to dig deep to identify your vision and create goals that align with your dreams. It allows you to break down larger goals into shorter term action plans and provides space for reflection to help you feel motivated along the way. GOAL DIGGER is organized into three sections and, although I could go on about goals/dreams/plans for days, I have made this workbook as to-the-point as possible while still leaving space for direction and reflection. GOAL DIGGER will be available soon and come in downloadable pdf form. 


Take a look at these blog posts that share a concept from each part of GOAL DIGGER.  
Plus, each post has a free downloadable worksheet that comes with it! 

In this blog post, learn the importance of identfying a clear vision for the future & get your free worksheet download here!  

In this blog post, see how I break down goals into three categories that all work together & get your free worksheet download here!  

Blog post & free worksheet download coming soon! 


As I work to live my passions, I want others to do the same! I believe that we all have power, strength, and wisdom inside ourselves.  Sometimes we just need a little guidance or direction so we can bring out that wisdom and act on it to reach the future we’ve imagined.

Identifying and plotting out my goals is something that comes naturally to me. I know this isn’t the case for everyone so I have created this guide to help you identify your vision, create goals, and make plans that allow you to work toward them every day.

Not only is talking goals/dreams/plans one of my absolute favorite things, I have a professional background that makes me well-suited for workbook creation & dream chasin'!  I have a Master’s Degree in Training & Development and years of presenting, coaching,  training and classroom experience.

You might know me from Cat’s Closet - my online plus-size thrift shop! Sharing fabulous fashion with other curvy ladies and promoting body positive messages is a big part of my mission. In addition to inspiring & motivating women to love themselves, I also want all of us to pursue our passions and realize our bold vision of the future!  That's where GOAL DIGGER comes in! 

If you're a student, simply send me an email  ( from your .edu email address & I will send you a student discount code!