I don't always do the best job of explaining what I mean. Or, providing the basic info that's led to formulate my beliefs and values. And, lets be real, sometimes it's scary to ask questions! So, I created this space to "just ask" me anything. 

Maybe you read in one of my posts or statuses that I think "weight loss is a lie" and have no idea why I would ever say such a thing. 

Maybe you saw on my Snapchat story that I don't want to give my money to places that don't have any women or people of color on staff. . . and, you might be asking yourself "why??". 

Or, maybe you hear me talking a lot about "intersectional" feminism and have done a basic google but are still not super sure what that all entails. 

If you'd like some more info from me & to hear about why I believe what I believe - just ask! ;) 

(If you ask a question, I may respond to it publicly on social media or my blog. Even if you leave your info, I'll never reference you as the person who asked the question. And, you're more than welcome to remain anonymous.)