As a woman on a mission, I set out to create my own opportunities and share a positive presence with the world. Moving, shaking, hustling. . .  Below are all the ways you can engage with me and my passions. 



Many of you know me from my plus-size, online thrift shop - Cat's Closet. I developed Cat's Closet almost one year ago and it's already grown dramatically. 

Not only do I share quality items with folks nationwide, I always style clothing and show outfit options so my customers can get some ideas on how they might wear their new garments. Plus, I always model the items I post so customers can see how they look on a curvy lady. 


People often ask me for help creating outfits, finding quality clothing items, and developing their style!

Style Sessions are appointments where we will meet up to focus on your personal style. Although I focus on plus-size fashion, I am happy to work with women of all sizes!

There are three main Style Sessions options: Thrifting Adventure, Closet Exploration, and Shopping Support. Style Sessions are currently only available to folks in the New Orleans area. 

Booking now! For more information or to schedule a session, click here or on the image above! 



After years of contemplation, I have finally started a blog to share my interests, passions, thoughts, and reflections with the world!

I started my blog For the past year I've been sharing body positive and inspirational messages through my Cat's Closet social media. This blog allows me to take it to the next level and enables me to share my reflections and expertise related to: fashion & style, body positive messages, lifestyle, inspiration & motivation, and personal reflection. 

Life Coaching


I believe that our wisdom lies within. Every person has the capability to live the life they've imagined. 

As we work to actively pursue our goals and dreams, oftentimes it helps to have someone who can offer ideas, support, and accountability. That's where I come in. Life coaching sessions are an opportunity for me to support you in pursuing your goals.

With a Master’s degree in Training & Development, professional experience as a Student Success Counselor, StrengthsQuest Educator, and a passion for future planning and dream chasing, I am well equipped to supporting others as a Life Coach.  

Contact me to find out if coaching is right for you! 


I value intercultural experiences and relationships very much! In an effort to help create those opportunities for others, I work with an amazing organization that allows me to to connect families with au pairs for flexible, affordable childcare and intercultural exchange. I service local New Orleans families and get to connect with folks all over the United States to share information about Cultural Care! Click here for more information!  


Speaking & Presenting


In the year to come, I look forward to engaging a larger audience over social media and in person. 

I've had the opportunity to present locally and nationally at conferences, young professional organizations, retreats, and workshops. I also teach courses at a university and community college. 

Some topics I am well-equiped to speak on including embracing body positivity & self confidence, leadership development, StrengthsQuest, diversity & social justice, and pursuing goals & dreams. 

Coming soon! But, like Life Coaching, if you can't wait, feel free to contact me and we might be able to make some preliminary arrangements.