Feeling good in what you wear can be a challenge! Developing great style is both an inside & an outside job.
Let me help you create outfits, find quality clothing items, enhance your personal style, and cultivate your confidence!

Style Session are not currently being scheduled so I can focus on my shop. Contact me to get on a waitlist! 

In-Person Style Sessions are 2.5 hour appointments where we meet up to focus on your personal style. These sessions can take place in your home/closet or on location at retail or thrift stores. Get help selecting clothing that works for you, creating outfits, finding deals and have the opportunity to ask lots of questions. Learn tips and hear advice - both about confidence and style!

After purchasing your Style Session through my website, you'll be sent a short questionnaire where you can explore which type of session is best for you, what you'd like us to focus on during our time together, and when you are available to meet. I'll follow up with you to confirm a date, time, and location for our session. These sessions are only available to those within 20 miles of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. In-Person Style Sessions are $90 or $60 for students/new professionals.

Virtual Style Sessions take place over the phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts.  They are an opportunity for you to ask questions related to your personal style and hear expert styling advice (always from a body positive perspective.) 

After purchasing your Virtual Style Session through my site, you'll be sent a detailed questionnaire so I can understand what you'd like to focus on during our call and prepare accordingly. Due to the virtual nature of our time together, I'll be sure to have some ideas, links, and resources ready for you when we meet. After our session, I'll follow up our call with written notes in an email. Virtual Style Sessions are 60 minutes in length and tend to be more focused as all of our time is spent in direct conversation. Virtual Style Sessions are $66 or $46 for students/new professionals.


Shopping for clothes is something I am not crazy about. At first, I was a little scared to go shopping with another person because I could never find what I wanted- in my size-in stores. Then, Cat took those insecurities and threw them out of the window!
— Emily
I was looking forward to my Style Session when I booked it, though I was a little nervous that I’d have nothing in my closet that we could work with, or that Cat would put together complicated looks that I’d never have the energy (or memory) to replicate.
Cat took the time to figure out what my needs were and the kind of clothes I like to wear, and she put together fun and creative combinations of clothes in a flash!
— Sarah
Cat is fantastic! The word I come back to again and again is confidence. I’m braver in my choices and much more confident in the way I dress. Cat has helped me to develop an improved self-image and acceptance of my body – as it is right now.
— Mary Beth



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Shopping for something special and need some help navigating the right stores and clothing styles that work for you? I’m your girl! I’ll find out what you’re looking for and your budget so I can suggest some stores.  We’ll shop together to search for the right items for you.

Want some help putting outfits together? I bet you have a lot more options and clothing combinations in your closet than you even realize! I’ll come visit you in your home, check out what you’re working with, and create lots of outfits from items you already own! 

Wonder how I find the great thrifted fashions I post on my site? We’ll visit a thrift store or two together and I’ll share my tips and tricks with you – in person! We’ll also be sure to pick out some fab items for you to purchase for a great thrift store price!

Can't meet in person but want some help navigating the world of fashion from a body positive perspective? Meet with me virtually (over the phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts) so I can answer questions, share tips, and offer suggestions. Plus, I'll follow our session up with some individualized notes via email. 


How do I decide which in-person Style Session to choose?
This really depends on what you're hoping to accomplish! If you've read the descriptions and still aren't sure, I'm happy to chat with you a bit over email or phone after you purchase a session to help you determine what might be best for you. Also, keep your budget in mind. If we are shopping/thrifting, you are responsible for the cost of any purchases made. (I will work to stay within your budget, of course.) But, if scraping together $60 for our session is all you can manage, working with what you already have is your best bet and I would love to come play in your closet.

I'm not in Minneapolis/St. Paul but would LOVE to do an in-person session! Is that possible?
When I travel, I love to offer Style Sessions in different cities - time permitting! If you're interested, get in touch and I can let you know if/when I might be in your area. In the mean time, consider a virtual session! I promise - I'm just as fun (if not more fun) over Skype!

What can I expect to come away with from our session?
That has a lot to do with what you want to work on! In the initial questionnaire, you'll have an opportunity to share this with me (as well as when we speak - of course). I will do everything I can do address your needs and questions - you just have to let me know what they are. In addition to putting outfits together, be prepared for lots of body positive talk and some subtle (and/or not-so-subtle) reminders from me that negative self-talk has no place in a fitting room!

You talk a lot about confidence. . .why is that so important when giving styling advice?
I truly believe that great style is an inside and an outside job. Here's what I mean. . .I can put the most amazing outfit combos together for you that hit all your curves in all the right places, but if you aren't happy with you - ain't none of that gonna matter. I can't promise to cultivate radiant confidence in you with one session but know that I come from a place of self-love and, with every minute we spend together, will help you do the same.

Cat, how do I know you know what you're doing?
Um, visit my social media and check out the outfits I put together on the regular. *Hair Flip* Ba ha ha - but more seriously, this work comes very naturally to me not only because I have an eye for putting things together but because I genuinely want everyone to feel good in what they're wearing and love themselves.  Though I love clothes, I honestly think it's less about the actual clothes themselves and more about how you style things together and how you FEEL in what you're wearing. (See previous question!) Ooo, and I also have a master's degree in Training & Development (essentially, teaching adults) so that comes in a little handy, too, as I share what I know with you so you can continue to build your confidence, passion, & style long after our session together.

How do I know if I qualify for the student/new professional rate?
Though my standard rate is already quite low, its important for me to remain affordable for students and new professions. I define this as folks who are currently in school (any level of college or university), within the first 2 years of their professional career, or make $30,000/yr or less. If you choose the student/new professional rate, I may ask a bit about your student or professional status to ensure that you fit into this category.

I'm just over 20 miles out of the Twin Cities. Is there any way I can still book a session?
Certainly! I'll do my best to accommodate you. Just be in touch with me beforehand. Perhaps we can meet halfway at a shop. Or, maybe I can come to you. (I do love an excuse to visit some of those far out suburb thrift shops!)

You seem to work with mostly plus-size women. That's not me. . .can I still book a Style Session with you?
Of course! I am happy to work with any and everybody. That being said, the closer style aligns with what I might wear the easier it is for me to share with you. (That's only natural, right?) If you wear men's clothing or aren't plus-sized, I am happy to work with you if you can be patient with me. If you have specific needsthat you want to discuss before you book, just let me know. I'll be honest with you about my limitations in experience or expertise.

Do you have any other questions? Shoot me an email -