Feeling good in what you wear can be a challenge for many women. Developing great style is both an inside & and outside job. I can help you create outfits, find quality clothing items, enhance your personal style and cultivate your confidence!

Style Sessions are 2.5 hour appointments where we will meet up to focus on your personal style. Although I focus on plus-size fashion, I am happy to work with women of all sizes! There are three main options for Style Sessions with rates starting at $60.


Want some help putting outfits together? I bet you have a lot more options and clothing combinations in your closet than you even realize! I’ll come visit you in your home, check out what you’re working with, and create lots of outfits from items you already own! 

Wonder how I find the great thrifted fashions I post on my site? We’ll visit a thrift store or two together and I’ll share my tips and tricks with you – in person! We’ll also be sure to pick out some fab items for you to purchase for a great thrift store price!

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Shopping for something special and need some help navigating the right stores and clothing styles that work for you? I’m your girl! I’ll find out what you’re looking for and your budget so I can suggest some stores.  We’ll shop together to search for the right items for you.


Shopping for clothes is something I am not crazy about. At first, I was a little scared to go shopping with another person because I could never find what I wanted- in my size-in stores. Then, Cat took those insecurities and threw them out of the window!
— Emily
It wasn’t that Cat helped her put together cute outfits that were very flattering, though she did that too. It’s that Cat helped her think about her body differently.
— Lelia (sharing feedback on her mom's style session)
Cat is fantastic! The word I come back to again and again is confidence. I’m braver in my choices and much more confident in the way I dress. Cat has helped me to develop an improved self-image and acceptance of my body – as it is right now.
— Mary Beth


Style Sessions take place in person. I am currently based in Saint Paul, Minnesota and am available for Style Sessions in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. (If you're unsure if your location is one I service, please get in touch with me before you purchase.) Simply purchase your package here and I'll be in touch to coordinate a date and time as well as ask about your goals for our time together.

I carve out up to 2.5 hours together for Style Session clients. Location depends on what you're trying to accomplish. If you are interested in shopping support or a thirfting adventure, I am happy to recommend shops or meet you at your favorite store(s). 

If you live/want to meet over 20 miles outside of Saint Paul, please be in touch with me prior to purchasing to make sure I can accommodate your location.  I also love to do Style Sessions when I travel (if availability permits), please be in touch with me prior to purchasing your Style Session. 

Current prices for Style Sessions include a standard ($90) and student/new professional ($60) rate for a 2.5 hour session.

Though my standard rate is already quite low, its important for me to remain affordable for students and new professions. I define this as folks who are currently in school (any level of college or university), within the first 2 years of their professional career, or make $30,000/yr or less. If you choose the student/new professional rate, I may ask a bit about your student or professional status to insure that you fit into this category.

Note: If we are shopping/thrifting, you are responsible for the cost of any purchases made. I will work to stay within your budget.