Hear about Mary Beth's Style Session experiences both going through her closet and shopping together:

"Working with Cat was great fun! We started our consultations together in my closet.  I tried on clothes that I liked – and also other clothes that I liked but didn’t feel confident wearing.  Cat was just great, helping me to weed out things that didn’t work and talking me through my doubts and hang-ups about what does work for me.

I had several epiphanies:  Wearing clothes that are oversized and hide my body don’t hide a thing! Clothes that aren’t tight but that skim your body really make you look your best.  Belts can be your friends.  I can wear sleeveless tops – a huge step in New Orleans summers! I love dresses!

We had great fun on our shopping trip.  Cat chose things that fit my style, and she talked me through my doubts.  I bought things I wouldn’t have bought before, and I was surprised that I didn’t return a thing.  Cat and I even bought the same very hip lace and zippered jacket – on sale!

 Outcomes: I kept and wear everything we brought together.  I wear my clothes with confidence.  I have made a vow not to wear clothes that “hide” my body – but really do the opposite. I get lots of compliments about how good I look.

Cat is fantastic!  The word I come back to again and again is confidence.  I'm braver in my choices and much more confident in the way I dress. Cat has helped me to develop an improved self-image and acceptance of my body – as it is right now, not as I think it should be."

Read what Lelia had to say about me working with her mother. She recommended me to her mom and we both were excited to see how positively her Style Sessions impacted her confidence and style:

"Working with Cat was transformative for my mother. After just a few sessions together, my mother is visibly more confident and comfortable in her own skin.  I attended their first session together, and there were many times where I could actually watch Cat's body positive, empowering, and supportive language affect my mom in "ah ha" moments.  It wasn't that Cat helped her put together cute outfits that were very flattering, though she did that too.  It's that Cat helped her think about her body differently.

I'm endlessly thankful for Cat's role in my mom's life and my own as a result. To say that I recommend her without hesitation would be an understatement."

Check out what Emily shared about thrifting on her Style Session:

"I really enjoyed my style session with Cat! Shopping for clothes is something I am not crazy about. At first, I was a little scared to go shopping with another person because I could never find what I wanted- in my size-in stores. Then, Cat took those insecurities and threw them out of the window!

She helped me find pieces in the style that I like that could be mixed and matched for multiple outfits. Also, she has an incredible eye for clothes that would complement ANY body type. I also appreciated that she respectably talked to me about opening up to new styles and colors of clothing.

She helped me gain some confidence and showed me how to be body positive, and that’s something that I can never repay her for. P.S. She knows all of the best stores with the best deals!"